Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glee Season 2 Premiere

Glee tonight was "eh". I was really hoping the show would get back a lot of the witty humor they had at the beginning of last season, but it seemed they continued on the mediocre note in which the show ended.

Top 3 Things that Stuck Out to Me in Tonight's Episode:

3. Did Mercedes gain weight?
I thought when you got more successful in Hollywood you lose weight, not gain it....I know Gabourey Sidibe got the brunt of the public's attention when it came to obese actresses, but that doesn't mean we forgot about you, Amber Riley. I mean I'm all for various shapes and sizes being represented on television, but I do want to see healthy people(PC version) and not fatty mcfatfats(unPC version)

2. The Top 40/Pop songs
JayZ & Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind, Lady Gaga's Telephone, Travis McCoy & Bruno Mars's Billionaire....I missed the show tunes and really good old school music that they sometimes sample. Also, I didn't really think they experimented with the songs that much. I'm going to need a little more creativity in the song renditions.

3. Charice
This Philippine singer dubbed by Oprah as "The Most Talented Girl In The World" was a refreshing addition to the cast as Sunshine Corazon. Her voice is AMAZING and Rachel should be worried. This girl is pint sized with a larger than life voice. I don't know what was with the nerdy Asain character they had her playing, but whatever. She was belting out Dreamgirls's Listen, better than Beyonce ever could. I hope I get to see(and hear) more of her this season.

Overall, not really impressed, but Sue Sylvester keeps me coming back with her hilarious one liners. She makes Glee worth it it.

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  1. can't disagree about sue, bc shes really the only reason i watch that show. everyone else is highly irritating and i usually fast forward thru most of the songs anyway. but goodness, rude much about fatty mc fat fats?!?! poor hollywoods stars, can't they just be fat and happy?