Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Name is Meth

My name is "Meth".
I destroy homes, I tear families apart,
Take your children, and that's just a start.
I'm more costly than diamonds, more precious than gold.
The sorrow I bring is a sight to behold.
If you need me, remember, I'm easily found.
I live all around you,in schools and in town.
I live with the rich. I live with the poor.
I live down the street, and maybe next door.
I'm made in a lab, but not like you think.
I can be made under the kitchen sink,
In your child's closet, and even in the woods.
If this scares you to death, well, it certainly should.
I have many names, but there's one you know best.
I'm sure you've heard of me. My name is crystal meth.
My power is awesome. Try me you'll see.
But, if you do, you may never break free.
Just try me once and I might let you go.
But try me twice, and I'll own your soul.
When I possess you, you'll steal and lie.
You do what you have to just to get high.
The crimes you'll commit for my narcotic charms
Will be worth the the pleasure you'll feel in your arms.
You'll lie to your mother. You'll steal from your dad.
When you see their tears, you should feel sad,
But you'll forget your morals and how you were raised.
I'll be your conscience. I'll teach you my ways.
I take kids from parents, and parents from kids.
I turn people from God and separate friends.
I'll take everything from you, your looks and your pride.
I'll be with you always right by your side.
You'll give up everything, your family, your home,
Your friends, your money,
Then you'll be alone.
I'll take and take, until you have nothing more to give.
When I'm finished with you, you'll be lucky to live.
If you try me, be warned this is no game.
If given a chance, I'll drive you insane.
I'll ravish your body. I'll control your mind.
I'll own you completely. Your soul will be mine.
The nightmares I give you while lying in bed,
The voices you'll hear from inside your head,
The sweats, the shakes, the visions you'll see,
I want you to know; these are all gifts from me.
But then it's too late, and you'll know in your heart
That you are mine and we shall not part.
You'll regret that you tried me. They always do.
But you came to me, not I to you.
You knew this would happen. Many times you were told.
But you challenged my power and chose to be bold.
You could have said" No" and just walked away.
If you could live that day over now, what would you say?
I'll be your master and you will be my slave.
I'll even go with you, when you go to your grave.
Now that you have met me, what will you do?
Will you try me or not? It's all up to you.
I can bring you more misery than words can tell.
Come take my hand; let me lead you to hell.

Written by a young Indian girl, who was in jail on drug charges and was addicted to meth.
She was released from jail, but true to the story, the drug owned her. Soon after she was found dead with the needle still in her arm.**

Please don't do drugs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Are Hillbillies Scary?

They are when they are trying to hit on you on a deserted road...

Today I was walking home when a white guy started trying to holla. The problem? You're probably wondering....

He was shirtless, in a red pickup truck, with a southern accent, and I was on an empty road in Georgia. Usually, I would be slightly amused by these situations, but I don't be messing with hillbilly southerners.

I know I shouldn't be frightened, but I just can't help but think of all the crazy things that have happened in our past.I would not have been as alarmed if say this had happened in California....I def wouldn't be blogging about it.

Anyways, just another reason why Georgia is not the business.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Independent Woman

A friend of mine asked that I write a post on what being an independent woman meant to me. I though about just blabbing on and on about being strong and willful and a free thinker...u know, another diatribe, but I decided to rant in another way. Through song.

Here are a few songs that speak on being an independent woman and my personal opinion of them.

1. You Gotta Be by Des'ree

Ok, ok this may not be solely for women, but this song always makes me feel empowered. It's important for women to encourage themselves and demand better from and for themselves. I think that is so important because a lot of times, females allow people or things into their lives that they know are wrong for them. People that will only bring them down or try to take chip away at their free thinking.
For me, the song says: You gotta be bold enough to stand on your own. You gotta be wiser than you used to be; learn from your mistakes. You gotta be hard enough to take a chance. You gotta be tough enough to stand up for yourself. You gotta be stronger than you think you can be.

2. She Got Her Own by Ne-Yo

She Got Her Own Video
I mean, I guess this song is here just to illustrate the sexiness that is being independent. However, it is necessary to realize that being strong on your own should be natural not faked. "There ain't nothin' that's more sexy,Than a girl that want, but don't need me" When you're good with who you are, you won't feel desperate to validate yourself with someone else, and that's sexy.

3. Independent Woman by Destiny's Child

Sidenote: I miss Kelly with the long hair. I knew when she went weave, any chance of her distinguishing herself as superstar outside of DC was slim to none.

Anyways, the lyrics of this song mostly focus on economic independence, which is integral to feeling stable nut mental independence is just as important. "I worked hard and sacrificed to get what I get. Ladies, it ain't easy bein' independent". Independence is hard! lol That's why so many people avoid it.

4. Independent by Webbie Ft. Lil Boosie

So I'm def thinking this song is more of a degradation to women that a praise of them. "A Independent Chick Do U Kno' Wat That Mean? She Cook She Clean Never Smell Like Onion Rings" Really though? Too many women were jamming to this song like it was something to be proud of. I won't lie, I was one of them. But once I actually listened to the words, I couldn't jam to it in the same way. Personally, I think Webbie just made the song to show he could spell the word INDEPENDENT.

So I don't really know what it means to be an independent woman. I think it's something you just work towards and keep in mind as you interact with different forces in your life. What do you think are the defining characteristics of an independent woman?

Happy Being Me by Angie Stone

What I would consider a true song of independence.

Owl City's Fireflies

I really like this song, Fireflies! It sounds so....ethereal(umm probably not the right word, but whatever.)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Flood Dangers Not Over for Georgia

Click here for more on all the crazy flooding and torrential downpour that has been happening in my area.

My prayers go out to all those who lost someone in the flash flood these last couple of days. So sad.

Why do Americans Think They Can Defend Their Ignorance by CLAIMING (Without Proof) "They are the Best"?

This question was posted on Yahoo questions and I think the one answer posted was so great!

"We use our military as our proof."

How hilarious and so American. I like to think I'm very open to enlightenment, but when it comes to issues of America's superiority, I tend to agree with some probably not very PC things.

I love other cultures, I really do. I hope to spend time learning and living in countries like Mexico, Ireland, Australia, and of course my motherland: Nigeria. Still, I can truly understand America's obsession with itself.

My biggest bias, for sure, is pop culture. Sure, too many Americans have no idea what is going on outside of the U.S. and I am always a little surprised when I learn foreign singers, actors, celebrities, etc had a real career in their own country before they "made it big" in the U.S. However, have you ever watched a non-American movie or a TV show.? The graphics are terrible, it seems they just let anyone in front of the screen, and have me wishing for some good old fashioned American computer generated special effects(although Japanese special effects are pretty amazing). I'm just saying....there is a reason why so many of our shows are imported out.

But that's just a small point; let's not even get into my personal opinions on why most British people should not be on T.V....

I guess my point is that Americans defend their position that they are the best, simply because we are. lol.

But no worries to all you haters.....what goes up, must come down.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Get Up on Glee Already

Just in case you're not up on Fox's Glee yet, I'm putting in one of my favorite clips from last weeks's episode.

I think I'll just be inserting my fav scenes from each weekly episode so look forward to that.

This show is hilarious!! I've rewatched this clip about 3 times now and I still laugh. Plus all the Glee memembers have some serious pipes. True talent and I'm happy to watch/hear it.

Smokie Norful's I Understand

A song that has been truly speaking to me lately :)
Maybe it will brighten your moment like it does for me.

Jesse's Song

Check out this new song by Jesse McCartney
I rather enjoy it. Hope you do too.

Jesse McCartney - Body Language - featuring T-Pain

What NOT to Do During an Interview

Today, I had an interview to intern with the Atlanta Victims Assistance at 10 am.

Well, it was by far my worst first impression....

I arrived 17 minutes late because I got lost, then I couldn't find parking, then I couldn't find the right room. Ugh...I wanna blame the city of Atlanta because that's what happens everytime I go there. I've even gone all the way there to attend an event and then decided to leave because I couldn't fnd any parking once I got there. No seriously, true story.

But anyways, once I got in and apologized for my tardiness, we sat down to start the whole interview process. As the lady began, someone inturrupted and she left to go talk with that person for about 10 minutes.

When she came back I had to inform her that I parked on the street and only had put in an hour worth of coins. So by that point we had 20 minutes before my time ran up. She was fortunately very understanding and said that we could stop when I needed to so I could go feed the meter.

So we go through the whole thing.....she asks questions, I ask know, the usual. After about 20 minutes, we realize that I'm late and so I run out to go feed the meter. When I get out the building, I'm dashing across two blocks to my car because I literally have 0 minutes left and there is no way I'm getting a ticket from an interview!

As I'm jogging to my car, I'm praying: "Oh Lord, please don't let me have a ticket. I really don't want to pay the city of Atlanta a dime right now". I turn the corner and can see my car halfway down the street and there is a police officer strolling towards it!!

I start to literally sprint in order to over pass her and get to my car first! It turns out the officer wasn't even going to my car, but at least I made it before she did. lol

And thank God there was no ticket! An expired meter, but no ticket!! yea!!

So I get into my car to take a breath and also see if I had any change in the car because I'd used all of the change from my purse the first time around. No change.... and then the meter man shows up so of course I pretend like I'm just getting out of the car. He's emptying out the meter, so I ask him if he has change for a dollar.

He says: don't worry about it, I just gave you an hour.

!!!!!Thank you JESUS....and meter man!!!!!!

I went from praying that I wouldn't get ticket to gettin an hour for free, so you know I was mad AMPED lol.

Of course, I had to go back in to finish my interview, which went very well once I got back(sweaty and all).

Now, what you should learn from my whole long debacle is:

1. Show up on FREAKIN time!! It sucks having to apologize for being late especially when its the first time your interacting with the person.

2. Always find out the name of the person who first greets you in the lobby. It could be the secreatary and then you will have just ended up apologizing unnecessarily, because it's not even the right person.

3. Don't park at a street meter. It is A. not fun to be worring about getting a ticket while interviewing and B. no good to be leaving your interview halfway through.

4. And if these things do happen, put on your best game face: pour on the charm cause you will need every ounce you got.

Oh BTDubs, I got the position. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

My Latest Celebrity Crush

T.J. Holmes

I recently went on the CNN Tour in Atlanta, GA and had the privilege of being in the same room as T.J. Holmes lol. What can I say, I don't watch a lot of CNN(sadly) but I didn't realize how good looking this news anchor was.

Why Michelle Obama's Hair Matters

I recently read this article from Time Magazine entitled "Why Michelle Obama's Hair Matters".

The article explains, for all who don't know, why hair is such an important issue in the black community. It touches on the expectations and politics behind a hairdo , and attempts to explain the significance behind all the media hoopla over Michelle's hair.

One quote I found quite interesting:
"Whenever I start a new job I always wear my hair straight for the first three months until I get health care. Then gradually the curly-do comes out."

The pressure that black women feel regarding hairstyles in the workplace is intense and real. Should it matter what our hair looks like? As long as its "put together", I don't think so. (I wonder if a case can be made against a corporation that, let's say, didn't hire a qualified female who wore her hair natural. Maybe she could go to court and say that she is being discriminated against based on hair texture which is something you're born with). But I digress...

My point is...well you've heard it before....
We keep resigning ourselves to external forces imposing their expectations upon us and we buy into it...we teach it to our youth, we promote it as superior...and I'm absolutely sick of it.

Take back your right to have your hair however you please!! And if that is straighten or pressed, then let it be that way because you honestly want it rather than because society tells you your natural curls are ugly or you won't be able to get a job unless you damage/straighten your hair.

Put a Smile on my Fac

Watch this if you....

… forgot joy is something that can be seen.

… have been worried that your talent isn’t being utilized.

… know you have something amazing to share with the world.

… want to see what true humility and happiness looks like.

… just needed a reason to smile today.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And the Award Goes to ...

Kanye West!!!
.... for stealing the entire VMA's tonight.

Here's the video in case you still havent seen it.

Sure Janet's performance was touching and Pink smashed it with her acrobatics, but Kanye's foolishness was truly the most memorable of the evening.

I mean granted what he was saying was correct: Beyonce's video was hot. But to get out of his seat, walk up to the stage, and take the microphone from Taylor--that just took mad effort that was so unnecessary. Not to mention it was not the place or the time.

OMGEEE I still chuckle when I think about it.
Oh Kanye...You're so ridiculous, but what can you expect? It's Kanye West.

Sidenote: i really hope this whole "crotch to the crowd" phase will be going out of style soon cause Beyonce's leotard number was a little too high and all these ladies need to stop flashing their business.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ok...Just one more.

Saw this video by Olu Maintain called "Yahoozee".

This video feels like a parody of a rap song, which is a shame cause they are mad serious with it. I cry for my people when I see them embracing this kind of ignorance.

Please stop trying to selling these images of cars, money, jewels, and skanky chicks as symbols of success.

Hot mess. Why is there some blond chick washing a car towards the end?! Ohhh my people.... Skip ahead to around 1:00 to avoid the boring stuff.

Yearning for Home

I've still been feeling the Naija vibe and this is a Nigerian artist I just discovered, Siji.

"Yearning for Home"--I can def relate.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

2 Sexy...

Naija, Holla!!

I've been jammin to this today...

Me Labro un Porvenir (Workin on My Future)

Is it normal to be this indecisive about everything in life right now? First I was positive that I wanted to go to law school, then I wanted a Masters in Criminology, now I'm thinking a PsyD in Clinical Psychology. Then I saw a program at University of Southern California to get a dual degree with a Masters in Social Work and a JD....

I'm kind of leaning towards the latter.

Ughhh! It's so frustrating at times being so unsure about what path I want to take to make a difference on this Earth. But I've talked to so many people who feel the exact same way which is pretty relieveing in that I know that I'm not alone.

Nevertheless, I feel truly blessed that I can actually take time to seriously consider what to do next and go after a future that I want rather than have a future forced upon me. So many people, especially women of color, of the past had few choices in terms of what was available to them, and I am grateful that my problem is that I have too many options. :)

The Script

I heard this song a long time ago and fell in love with it...I wish this band, The Script would get big in the U.S. already cause I really like their songs

"The Man Who Can't Be Moved" I love this song!!!

And you should too :)

Part Timing It

So it appears I will start working here part time as an Executive Assistant(I gave myself that title, but whatever) lol

I love natural hair and could talk about it forever so I'm pretty glad I have an opportunity to learn more about it and help an up-and-coming business work to project natural hairstyles into mainstream and strive to infiltrate the media.

But I once heard that you should start looking for your next job the day you get one so I'm def still on the prowl for exciting ventures and job opportunities.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Catchy New Tune

Listen to this song by Priscilla Renae called "Dollhouse". The song is very catchy and I'm def liking her vibe.

The song just sounds so....fresh.

AmAAzing Photos!!

These are pics from photographer, Maya Guez.


She is such a force!

It's tantalizing and striking, soft and bold all at the same time!! Her work is just so sweet on the eyes!

Would You Rock These?

Can you handle em?

Saw these shoes in September issue of Vogue. It was designed by Olivier Theyskens for the Nina Ricci 09 collection. I mean, structurally, they look really amazing.... but who could really walk down the street in these?!

I Kinda ♥ Tools

Now I will admit VH1 reality shows are sort of my guilty pleasure, but I'd never even heard of Tool Academy, so I was surprised to learn that it was on its 2nd season. And I must say it's been a long while since I've been so genuinely amused and disgusted all at the same time. This show makes the girlfriends look almost as bad as their tool boyfriends.

These guys get caught on camera doing some of the most ridiculously gross things, they then see their girlfriends crying over it, and stare blankly at them. Or if the guy feels really cornered he might start stammering about how much he loves his girl. Right.... what a tool.

I always feel so embarrassed for the girlfriend cause she really should just dump him right quick, but I guess that doesn't make good TV--a bunch of single douche bags.

Urban Dictionary defines a tool as:

A person, typically male, who says or does things that cause you to give them a 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look. The 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look is classified by a glare in the tool's direction and is usually accompanied by muttering of how big of a tool they are. The tool is usually someone who is unwelcome but no one has the balls to tell them to get lost. The tool is always making comments that are out-of-place, out-of-line or just plain stupid. The tool is always trying too hard to fit in, and because of this, never will. However, the tool is useful because you can use them for things; money, rides, etc.
"Let's drive to Chicago from Iowa. Oh man, we need money. Hey, let's ask tool to come, he'll spot us the cash!"

But what really gets me is how these women allow this type of toolish behavior. Sure, I understand they love these men and want to be with them forever(really don't understand that but whatever), but I just find it hard to believe that his show can have any long term impact on a man's behavior.

I don't understand why women are so afraid to be by themselves....they'd rather be with an insecure, sad specimen of male that they keep trying(and failing) to change. We(being women) can't change men, we can only encourage them to grow and hope they will make the positive changes themselves.

However, I'm sure it will be entertaining to watch the buffoonery these guys put their girlfriends through and maybe one of the ladies will realize they can do so much better.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What About Wendy's?

My 14 year old brother just gave me unsolicited advice on where I should be looking for a job. Top of his list was Target and McDonald's. Sigh.

When I explained to him hat I was a Psychology major with an interest in law school, he then suggested I get a morning internship as a Psychologist's Assistant so I could still work evenings at Target.

You gotta love kid's frame of mind right now...

But hey, I'm trying to school the kid on a few things: the seriousness of our economic situation, my belief that an excellent field-related position exists just for me, and why McDonald's is not an appropriate job for an Ivy League graduate.

Ignant Music

Lately I've been hearing this song on the radio (I'm gonna assume its Southern cuz its just that bad). I always feel bad when I jam to it because it's such an ignorant song, but I do love the beat...

The lyrics go a lil something like:

"Baby girl won't you get with this pimpin...
Just try it out try it out"

Oh wow...ok i just found a video....

In the words of Chris Brown: "I was just like wow"

I hope you peeped Kandi, former member of girl group Xscape and newest housewife on Real Housewives of Atlanta. I was dying watching this video because I just remembered her talking about how when she came out with her first single, it had to be fire cause people were expecting so much from her.

Really though Kandi? I won't lie, I jam to this song in my car but...this is just not housewife material... lol

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Afro-Beautiful Hairstyles in the Workplace

I've always debated with the issue of how to wear my hair when it comes to the workplace. I think it's ok to wear your natural hair however you please(as long as you come correct with your style), but when going in for an interview: is it ok to rock that 'fro? Could you possibly scare an employer away by making a "statement on your head"?

Sadly, it's def possible. But what people need to realize is that natural hair is not a radical statement. It's NATURAL. As the U.S. continues to genuinely embrace diversity, we need to internalize the idea that we do not need to blend into the white conservative environment.

I, myself, am not ready to rock a full out afro to a job interview yet, but hopefully soon.