Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Afro-Beautiful Hairstyles in the Workplace

I've always debated with the issue of how to wear my hair when it comes to the workplace. I think it's ok to wear your natural hair however you please(as long as you come correct with your style), but when going in for an interview: is it ok to rock that 'fro? Could you possibly scare an employer away by making a "statement on your head"?

Sadly, it's def possible. But what people need to realize is that natural hair is not a radical statement. It's NATURAL. As the U.S. continues to genuinely embrace diversity, we need to internalize the idea that we do not need to blend into the white conservative environment.

I, myself, am not ready to rock a full out afro to a job interview yet, but hopefully soon.


  1. i just had an interview and my hair was looking a hot mess! Either go all out and have it curly and natural or buy a good straightener and have it real straight. unfortunately my hair was a combination of both and i couldn't fix it in time.

  2. I have a huge afro and I wish I had the confidence to rock it out at an interview...but I'll just wait until I get the actual job before I do that.

  3. I LOVE this fro!

  4. I wish i could wear an afro to work let alone an interview. Its a big step to make. The woman above looks amazing. I need to pluck up the courage and book an appointment with my hairdresser!