Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Moon Trailer

Here's one of the newest trailers for the Twilight saga, entitled "Meet Jacob Black". Although I've never read any books in this series(and don't intend to) I must say they are doing a excellent job of selling this movie. I've always been on Team Jacob(what can I say, I root for men of color), and I'm glad the second book/movie focuses on his character a little more. Def loving the shirtless scenes BTdubs.

FYI...the reason I just cannot get into the book is its weak female protagonist. Bella finds herself surrounded by strong alpha-type males and soon she struggles to see existence without these men.

She becomes deeply depressed after Edward leaves, and only begins to feel better when she can replace Edward's attention with Jacob's. Plus, I just find her to be boring and not cute. I would like to see more empowered young leading ladies who enjoy the company of a man, but don't fall to pieces after he has left.

Again, I haven't really read the books or watched the entire first movie, but I get the gist...and I'm NOT a fan.


  1. lmao at the "...and I'm NOT a fan."

    I sorta get what you're saying about the weak female protagonist. When I think about Sookie from True Blood, I'm much more attracted to her character than that frail nonsense called Bella. Sookie can hold her own and is strengthened by her bond with Bill. You can see that they thrive off of the love they share, but they aren't crippled without it...

    Eh, I really like Vampire dramas but I think I'm going to pass on this whole Twilight teeny-bopper crud.

  2. I'm so glad you get it! Bella is so whack.... and weak. I have my problems with Sookie, but I must say she is a much more independent thinker. Still, I find Sookie to sometimes be a little judgmental and hypocritical but thats a whole 'nother story.

    Also, what's with Bill pronouncing Sookie's name all sorts of different ways? Suckie...Sickie...and Sookay sometimes...lol

  3. To be devil's advocate...Edward tries to kill himself in the second book because he doesn't want to live with out Bella...