Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Glee Moment of the Week

Mercedes(the black girl) can belt it! I really don't get why they try and say Rachel has the strongest voice. Ugh white people and their mainstream mentality.

Am I the only one that doesn't feel it's right for Mr. Schuester and the guidance counselor to get together? I mean... she's crazy and he's already got one off-the-rockers wife. (I mean, what kinda insanity makes a woman think she can fake a pregnancy and get her husband to believe some other baby is his?)


  1. totally agree, why does rachel annoy me so. and why didnt mercedes have a partner of her own in that little walk thru they had. peeps be trippin. as for this guidance counselor, well i was already predisposed to not liking her bc of her role on ugly betty (i just can't shake that one). I like his wife, feel bad for her, but still like her.

  2. she was on ugly betty?! whod she play?

  3. she played Charlie, Henry's pregnant girlfriend.