Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Adventures With Online Dating

So my friend convinced me to join an online dating service(it's free which was how she got me). I put up my profile a few days ago and the matches have started coming in...still smh.

I don't really understand how this matching technology has decided the only people I'm compatible with are balding white dudes. No really. All of them. Oh and one balding Indian. And I'm sorry, but balding at 22 is just not gonna cut it for me.

The sad part is when I read their information, I actually relate to a lot of them and we do share similar beliefs or what not. However the fundamental factor of physical attractiveness is simply not there. And no, I'm not asking for a black Adonis necessarily--your average good looking fellow would do. Sigh. Unfortunately, my matcher hasn't figured this out yet, but I think after I reject enough guys, it may get the hint.

Seriously though, this is the south. what if I decided to meet up with one of these Rogaine-challenged guys and they pull up in a red pick-up truck with the Confederate flag draped across his back seat. Hmmm? How would I explain away that ridiculous awful situation?
Lol anyways, the whole thing is a learning experience and I doubt I will really meet up with anyone....especially if they keep matching me with these fuglies(no offense)

(This is actually not one of the guys from the site...but close enough. I thought it would be really mean to copy and paste a photo of the real guys. Yup. I'm just that caring.)

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