Sunday, January 24, 2010

Boogie Town: Somebody Has To Be Kidding Me, Right?

After a Wiki-spasm(basically where you go on Wikipedia to look up one thing and after a couple dozen clicks end up reading about something totally different) I ended upon the Wiki page for a movie called Boogie Town. Here's the description:

"The film is set in in a futuristic New York City in the year 2015, when battle dancing is permanently banned because Chief Salisbury's son was murdered during a battle in 2009 when battle dancing was at its height. Ever since then, with help of the secret government agency SG7, Chief Salisbury has made it his own personal mission to permanently put an end to battle dancing."

Are you thinking WTF yet?

"The film centers on the dancers, Micah (Marques Houston), Natalie (Brenda Song) and Jay (Mykal Anthony Bean). Micah is a very skilled dancer and is the leader of dance crew, "The Trojans" while his former best friend Jay is the leader of "The Warriors". Micah, Jay and their crews have been rivals for a very long time and because of the ban on battle dancing, the crews have created an underground world named "Boogie Town" in order to continue battle dancing. Micah then meets Jay's beautiful young sister, Natalie at a popular restaurant who has just arrived home from college. Natalie, unaware that this is her brother's rival invites him to dinner and he accepts. Soon after the dinner, the two become a romantic couple and after Natalie realizes that her boyfriend is her brother's biggest rival, she tries her best to keep their relationship a secret with the help of Micah. Natalie and Micah become a modern day Romeo and Juliet and are aware of the consequences of being seen having a romantic relationship but are deeply in love with each other. Both Micah and Jay have several mysterious and supernatural powers such as "jerking" and "jooking". Chief Salisbury and the SG7 created a special unit in the police department called the “Boogie Police”, a unit that are specially trained to track down and capture anyone who is caught dance battling in New York. The SG7 is after Micah and Jay because they want to use their blood to create super soldiers for an upcoming war (World War III). ...."

There was more, but at that point, I was thinking to myself that this movie couldn't be real. It must have been some fake wiki page that somebody made up. Who would come up with such an utterly ridiculous movie plot?

Of course I had to find out more about this movie; lo and behold there's a trailer for this mess:

Are they serious? I absolutely cannot believe this is a real movie!! How low can Marques Houston fall? Supernatural dance powers? WTF?!

Note: I know it says coming out in 2009, but this movie definitely has not been released yet. Could it be shame that is keeping production from releasing this film? I hope so.


  1. OMG! i was gonna say yay brenda song doing something completely unrelated to disney (although she still doesnt have a lead role)! what in the world would make someone sign on to do this movie? im still confused, u sure its not a joke.....

  2. Wth is that doo doo?! People only go to see movies like this for the once big dance move that happens like 4/5ths of the way through the movie anyhow. Still lmao @ this.