Thursday, September 10, 2009

Part Timing It

So it appears I will start working here part time as an Executive Assistant(I gave myself that title, but whatever) lol

I love natural hair and could talk about it forever so I'm pretty glad I have an opportunity to learn more about it and help an up-and-coming business work to project natural hairstyles into mainstream and strive to infiltrate the media.

But I once heard that you should start looking for your next job the day you get one so I'm def still on the prowl for exciting ventures and job opportunities.


  1. i'm loving those tai braids. imma try that on my head this weekend. im tired of my hair now, plus i can't wash it as often bc i don't feel like straightening it.

  2. OOh yeah! Good luck! I hope you learn so that you can do em on meee! :)

  3. Wooohoo for employment. Looks like a great place too! I know it's not some big corporate career gig, but it'll pay the bills and it seems to be a pretty cool place. It gets my 2 thumbs up (if that's worth

  4. Your two thumbs are worth a lot! ;)