Sunday, October 11, 2009

Somewhere in the Night

So I've been feeling really down lately. The state of my life is just bumming me out, that's all. It all started when I realized there wasn't anyone I wanted to see Good Hair with. Basically, I'm just a bit upset by my nonexistent social life right now. I mean I miss the intellectual convos I used to have, the late night procrastination sessions, the inside jokes....basically I guess I just miss my friends.

Not to say there are not people here I could hang out with, its just sometimes I don't want to have to take that step back and be polite/socially acceptable Minah. Sometimes I just wanna be me without all the pretense. But like a friend of mine said "you just have to be you. Those who don't like it will stay away. And those who like you will be drawn in. And if you don't want to, you don't have to talk to anyone at all". :)

On a slightly different note, in my state of depression, I decided to read poems on depression to see if any would speak to me. After a couple of poems about the rush of cutting one's wrists and not seeing a point in living anymore, I realized I was not as depressed as I thought I was. Those poems actually made me feel a little better.

Here's the least intense poem I found:

Somewhere in the Night
Somewhere in the night a child cries,
A woman weeps and someone dies.
Somewhere in the night, humanity hides.

Somewhere in the night , a soul screams,
As people fade and die, lost in dreams.
Somewhere in the night, reality lives.

Somewhere in the night loneliness dwells,
As people die, no sounding bells.
Somewhere in the night, she dies alone.

Somewhere in the night ...

Where is the light?

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