Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Devastation in Haiti

Exactly one week ago, an earthquake hit the already devastated nation of Haiti. Thousands of people are feared dead after 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. The presidential palace and the UN mission in the capital Port-au-Prince are among the buildings destroyed. People all over the world are turning their thoughts, prayers and donations towards Haiti, and wanting to know all about what is going on.

Haiti is a incredibly poor country and this earthquake has precipitated the crippling of its infrastructure and economy. But I believe in all tragic circumstances, God provides us with hope and mercy. As a worldwide spotlight has been shown on this small country that occupies half of an island, one can hope that some good will come of this tragedy that could have happened to any of us.

As people begin to research ways they can help the people of Haiti, they will stumble upon organizations that have claimed to help Haiti for decades. But what relief could these organizations truly have brought if the country has remained virtually unchanged these past years?

With news coverage at such a high in Haiti, I hope people will begin to demand to see proof of aid that many organizations claim to bring to impoverished nations.

Additionally, the issue of adoption has become a widely discussed topic. I believe--and hope--that in the next few months to years, we see an increase in the adoption of Haitian children.

This earthquake shook the infrastructure and removed what little stability was left of a nation. With the spotlight now focused on this amazing country with a rich heritage and history, hopefully, we can globally work to rebuild and strengthen the country.

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