Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Me

The new year starts tomorrow and I am rested and ready to get back to blogging. In a state of exasperation, I stopped blogging because I felt I wasn't really writing about anything I passionately cared about. Or better said, nothing that meant enough to me to write about it day after day.

I can write about my opinion of celebrities, but to be perfectly honest--they aren't that interesting. I could write about fashion--but I don't even have the money to support my own shopping habit, nor am I really that couture. I love talking about natural hair care, but it can get pretty old to write about it over and over.

So what to blog about? What in my life is so spectacularly interesting? What is worth coming back day after day to update whoever is out there reading?

With only a day left in 2009 and resolutions being made, I've gained a new appreciation for short-term goals. I need some non-negotiable goals for next year, 2010. Something I can hold myself accountable to--that other people can hold me accountable to. Weight loss? No, that was so last year. Baking? Who has the energy for all that?!

in my life has to change. Yes, change is inevitable, but I need to create and inspire my own change as well.

I'm tired of living a life I'm dissatisfied with. A life that I can only describe as dismal. Well, that might be a little melodramatic... my life isn't dismal, or I don't really think it is. But I do want my life to be dynamic and incredibly inspiring. I want to be making a difference and I've asked God to give me one pure and holy passion.

Currently, I have a job where I feel constantly exhausted from suppressing rage. A social life that I would describe more as me at home watching movies, drinking wine, and living vicariously through my crazyfabulous friends, than out partying, dating, or exploring the area. I know, I know, I'm 21, I should be out shaking my young booty and partying it up, but I've never been a big socialite and I'm broke s a joke.

But enough excuses. It's time to do something about this. About my situation and about my off-track life. It's time to grab hold and steer things in a Minah-approved direction.

So what am I up to? You ask. An experiment that I hope will leave me better for wear. In a Julie & Julia inspired move I want to make a short-term goal that will hopefully help me accomplish my New Year's Resolution.

I plan to apply for 2 jobs a day for 5 months beginning Jan 1st 2010. They say the average time it takes for a college graduate to get a job is 5 months. So although I graduated 6 months ago, I want to give myself 5 months to see what happens.

I don't know what will come of any of this. I hope a fulfilling job and some excitement. But I do know I want to accomplish something tangible and so begins a crazy journey, 2010--it's gotta be better than 2009. That leaves me 151 days to send out 302 job applications. And no, Craigslist jobs don't count.

By the way. My New Year's Resolution is to get a job with health benefits.
See you in 2010

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