Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why Black Women Don't Get Married

Dang. It is not looking good for us! Only 42% of black women get married....that's double the amount of white women! It seems black men have so many decent on-point black women to choose from, the just keep a few around. Who's really trying to get married then? But being a "back pocket chick" is just not gonna work for me.

Black women have to start looking elsewhere for suitors. I don't mind dating outside of my race, but why are white men so afraid of asking out black women. I don''t know about Asians, but I'm not even going to attempt to crack that nut. Asian men have a lot of racial/color issues within their own societies that I think they would have to work out before they could even seriously consider dating a black women. I'm not saying it's not possible--Ive seen it happen. It's just pretty rare. This is definitely something I and a lot of my friends think about. It's a reality for so many women.

Such a tricky, unfortunate circumstance...

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