Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Where are all the Jobs?!!!

The other day, a friend of mine told me about a guy who just got a job as a paralegal in D.C. How did he get this job? A fantastic resume? No. A daddy that's partner? Maybe at another firm, but no. He emailed an alumni who worked at the firm to ask if they would like to go for drinks after work. The alumni responded "I don't have time for drinks, right now I need a paralegal." Voila! Dude's got a job.

Sure this is an extreme example, but this is the new world of networking. And you got to work it or someone else will. There's no time for pride or timidness when sooo many college graduates are looking for work.

If you've got those connections, use em. Email em, Facebook em, call em, borderline harass em. Whatever it takes, because if you don't someone else sure will.

These are desperate times and the unemployed must resort to desperate measures....

SO where are all the jobs? They're around. You just have to hustle those connections, cause that's really how most people are getting jobs in this economy.

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