Friday, August 14, 2009


I know when men cheat on their girlfriends/wives/whatevers that they claim to love, a lot of the time, it is only a physical urge they are trying to satisfy. They still love their wives, they're still emotionally connected to them. Still, NO EXCUSE.

But this isn't about men cheating. Today, I'm more interested in why women cheat.

Disclaimer: Everything I'm about to say next, is mostly just general knowledge that I'm sure I could prove with some statistical research, but I have none at the moment to back me up, so take it as you may.

Women connect more emotionally to their partners. Well maybe not more emotionally, but primarily. A woman first has to be really feeling you, before she can feel comfortable moving on to anything more serious. That's why women need to be wined and dined, bought things and given flowers, we need to feel cared for and appreciated in order to make that emotional connection.

Once that's done, well then it gets fun.

Research shows that women are more jealous of their man making an emotional connection with another woman, as oppose to just having sex with another woman; whereas, with men it's vice- versa. Sex, jealous. Emotional connection, not so much. Gee I wonder why this is?

So I guess where I'm trying to go with all this is do women still need that emotional connection with another man to enter into the arena of physical cheating or does it become just a purely carnal thing or maybe its more complicated? Since we're dealing with relationships, it's probably the latter.

Cheating is just so messed up...for all the parties involved. We need to have more respect for one another, stop making excuses for ourselves, and keep it in the pants, skirts, whatever. Ok. Imma stop preaching now.

Hmm...maybe I should write a post about why people even bother attempting to be monogamous anymore. Entitled "Requiem for Faithfulness".

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