Thursday, August 20, 2009

New This Fall on the CW

So as the summer winds down, I've been seeing commercials for this Fall's TV lineup. I am extra interested in what they have line up new for the CW, and I must say I was a tad bit disappointed....but just a tad.

Melrose Place 2.0-

Now I have never seen the original, so I won't be able to make any complaints about this revamped version failing in comparison as I can with 90210, but I can say this show looks waay intense from the previews. Sometimes I just have to wonder: "Is all that drama necessary?" I guess so or who would watch? Peep Ashlee Simpson Wentz(still trying to have a career) and that Greek guy from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Is that girl far right supposed to be their token? SMH

The Beautiful Life: TBL-

Executive produced by Ashton Kutcher, this show apparently revolves around aspiring models living together in New York city. I'm sure it will be ripe with sex, drugs, and beautiful skinny white people. Again with all the drama... Familiar faces are Mischa Barton and Corbin Bleu. I see you trying to shed your Disney image. He still managed to look gayzer for the 5 seconds he was in the preview.

And why they always gotta put the people of color on the edge of promo pics? I mean can I see some darker faces?! It doesn't even have to be black people. I'll take an Asian or a real Hispanic.

The Vampire Diaries-

Oh Lord....It's Twilight, but weekly and with the potential of lasting for years....
I'm so over this whole vampire craze. Can we move on to something like unicorns or mermaids or centaurs? Just anything that doesn't involve irritating chicks and deadpan pale dudes.

I hope the CW won't be making a habit of importing Canadians off Degrassi either. First Annie from 90210, now this main girl, Nina Dobrev(the girl with the baby who inadvertently caused J.T. to get stabbed in the back).

Sadly, Everybody Hates Chris and The Game will not be returning to the CW, which means even less diversity on the network. So sad...I really loved that show. However, I have heard that BET is trying to pick up the The Game in order to go for a fourth season. Major brownie points for BET if they can make this happen.

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