Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Who's Loving Black Women Now...

Lately I've been stumbling across blogs dedicated to the beauty of black women. Nothing new there. But what is interesting to me is who is writing these blogs. There seems to be a whole community out there of white men who are genuinely appreciative of brown, dark-skinned women! I mean I knew they were out there--I've had a few white dudes holla at this on several occasions--but I guess I didn't appreciate how genuine white men were about their love for black women.

Half the time I'm not sure whether to be uncomfortable by the sheer adulation that could seem borderline slave-master love or whether to be flattered and feel validated that some non black men appreciate and covet black beauty. I think though that I will go with the latter.

Whether it be jungle fever or serious attraction, it most likely depends on each man.

Love Stevie....

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