Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Natural 'fros I Just Can't Help But Love

"Black women may be the only race of women who live their whole lives never knowing what their real hair looks and feels like. Think about that."

Wow...that quote caught my eye. But it is def too true. Black women from an early age begin processing the mess out of their hair and forget what their true hair feels like. After reading that quote from a fellow blogger , I just wanted to post some of my favorite natural looks on black females.

When will we see the light?!!

I do love dark dark skin. This model's skin tone is amazingly flawless and I just love the ultra short cut on her.

Funky style too.

Not too much hair in this pic, but I did love her skin texture.

I heart this picture. Pretty sure that's a wig, but could you a imagine someone walking down the street with an Afro that big? White people would be scared lol. I kid, but not really....

Well, I could go on and on with the pics, but you get the gist: Black women are just so stunningly beautiful.

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