Thursday, November 19, 2009

Black Men in the Courtroom

Today at my internship I was in court when I noticed an absolutely gorgeous specimen of black man. Dude was beautiful and the most beautiful part was he was not the defendant!

As sad as that sounds, I see way to many black men going before the judge as defendants rather than prosecutors or attorneys.

Fortunately, today the guy I saw was part of the defense's team. He was what I would estimate to be 6'2'' or 3, early 20s, and a creamy smooth dark chocolate man in a suit. Nothing gets me all hot and bothered more than a black man in a suit. *Sigh*

Unfortunately, I didn't talk to him(I know what an anti-climatic story) but I did find out he's an intern like meee!! So hopefully I will be seeing him again and will muster up energy to make my way across the courtroom to introduce myself. I hate making the first move, but every once in awhile some guy comes along that just makes you get off your lazy butt and move quick before it's too late.

But as always, vamos a ver....

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