Friday, November 6, 2009

Fergie's Husband A Cheater?

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, I drive into Atlanta for my internship. The traffic is terrible so it usually takes me an hour to get into the city, but while driving the radio does an excellent job of entertaining me.

Ok I know that has nothing to do with the title of this post, but I'm getting there....

On Thursday, Z100(or something like that) did an interview with a stripper from Tattletales, a strip club in ATL, who claimed to have had a one night stand with Josh Duhamel(pronounced Doo-Mel) Fergie's husband.

I listened to this strippers whole story while driving to work. Basically she claims that Duhamel, Transformers and Las Vegas star, came into her place of work and they hit it off after she gave him a couple of lap dances. She claims they exchanged numbers and met up with him a week later to party and then they had "lots of sex" in his hotel room. Click here to hear the interview.

Anyways after doing the interview, all these listeners were calling in, a lot of them basically calling her a stripperho and a liar and that she was just doing it for money. Now whether or not she is telling the truth is really of no concern to me(I mean is it that shocking that hottie Josh would cheat on his methface wife?). But what really bothered me was how people were judging this woman.

Because she is a stripper she pretty much has no credibility, seemed to be the general consensus. I mean the fact that she is going on "national" with this news is kinda suspect when she claims she's not in it for the money,, but I just thought it was quite unfair for people to judge her soo harshly and dismiss her story because a) she was saying things no body wants to hear and b) she has a socially unacceptable career.

I mean it takes two to mess around and Josh deserves some blame too. Don't attack the woman for knowingly sleeping with a married man if you are not going to attack the man equally. The husband is not released of all responsibility because she was a stripper.

All I know was the whole thing made for an entertaining drive to work, but people need to stop being so judgemental of strippers. Hos gotta work too. Lol j/k...but not really...

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