Monday, November 16, 2009

Video Phone by Beyonce Feat Lady Gaga

So this is a crazy good new song by Beyonce Feat Lady Gags...
I must say the Lady really held her own in this video and might have just stolen the show B.

Click here to see the video. Like I've said before, B really needs to get a new fashion statement cuz those leotards are getting real tired.

Sorry, I can't seem to get the video unto my website


  1. woman! wat are u talking about?! this song aint new. gaga just redid it with her. the leotards are getting longer did ya notice? no girls dancing with her...she's changing it step by step. when i envisioned the video to this song, i must say i didn't expect random toy guns and watnot. but i gotta say, i dont think gaga stole the show. she was just kinda looking crazy with her head swinging around everywhere. but i like her new addition to the song!

  2. hmm. well the video is new...
    i thought gaga held her own pretty well. like i keep saying, artists need to step their creative game up. thx for the comments :)