Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What NOT to Do During an Interview

Today, I had an interview to intern with the Atlanta Victims Assistance at 10 am.

Well, it was by far my worst first impression....

I arrived 17 minutes late because I got lost, then I couldn't find parking, then I couldn't find the right room. Ugh...I wanna blame the city of Atlanta because that's what happens everytime I go there. I've even gone all the way there to attend an event and then decided to leave because I couldn't fnd any parking once I got there. No seriously, true story.

But anyways, once I got in and apologized for my tardiness, we sat down to start the whole interview process. As the lady began, someone inturrupted and she left to go talk with that person for about 10 minutes.

When she came back I had to inform her that I parked on the street and only had put in an hour worth of coins. So by that point we had 20 minutes before my time ran up. She was fortunately very understanding and said that we could stop when I needed to so I could go feed the meter.

So we go through the whole thing.....she asks questions, I ask know, the usual. After about 20 minutes, we realize that I'm late and so I run out to go feed the meter. When I get out the building, I'm dashing across two blocks to my car because I literally have 0 minutes left and there is no way I'm getting a ticket from an interview!

As I'm jogging to my car, I'm praying: "Oh Lord, please don't let me have a ticket. I really don't want to pay the city of Atlanta a dime right now". I turn the corner and can see my car halfway down the street and there is a police officer strolling towards it!!

I start to literally sprint in order to over pass her and get to my car first! It turns out the officer wasn't even going to my car, but at least I made it before she did. lol

And thank God there was no ticket! An expired meter, but no ticket!! yea!!

So I get into my car to take a breath and also see if I had any change in the car because I'd used all of the change from my purse the first time around. No change.... and then the meter man shows up so of course I pretend like I'm just getting out of the car. He's emptying out the meter, so I ask him if he has change for a dollar.

He says: don't worry about it, I just gave you an hour.

!!!!!Thank you JESUS....and meter man!!!!!!

I went from praying that I wouldn't get ticket to gettin an hour for free, so you know I was mad AMPED lol.

Of course, I had to go back in to finish my interview, which went very well once I got back(sweaty and all).

Now, what you should learn from my whole long debacle is:

1. Show up on FREAKIN time!! It sucks having to apologize for being late especially when its the first time your interacting with the person.

2. Always find out the name of the person who first greets you in the lobby. It could be the secreatary and then you will have just ended up apologizing unnecessarily, because it's not even the right person.

3. Don't park at a street meter. It is A. not fun to be worring about getting a ticket while interviewing and B. no good to be leaving your interview halfway through.

4. And if these things do happen, put on your best game face: pour on the charm cause you will need every ounce you got.

Oh BTDubs, I got the position. :)


  1. wait... does this mean u have 2 jobs?!?! how u gonna get to atl everyday???

  2. YAY GIRL!!! Im so happy for you! ...but you had me ROTFL!! Lol Too funny...