Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Kinda ♥ Tools

Now I will admit VH1 reality shows are sort of my guilty pleasure, but I'd never even heard of Tool Academy, so I was surprised to learn that it was on its 2nd season. And I must say it's been a long while since I've been so genuinely amused and disgusted all at the same time. This show makes the girlfriends look almost as bad as their tool boyfriends.

These guys get caught on camera doing some of the most ridiculously gross things, they then see their girlfriends crying over it, and stare blankly at them. Or if the guy feels really cornered he might start stammering about how much he loves his girl. Right.... what a tool.

I always feel so embarrassed for the girlfriend cause she really should just dump him right quick, but I guess that doesn't make good TV--a bunch of single douche bags.

Urban Dictionary defines a tool as:

A person, typically male, who says or does things that cause you to give them a 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look. The 'what-are-you-even-doing-here' look is classified by a glare in the tool's direction and is usually accompanied by muttering of how big of a tool they are. The tool is usually someone who is unwelcome but no one has the balls to tell them to get lost. The tool is always making comments that are out-of-place, out-of-line or just plain stupid. The tool is always trying too hard to fit in, and because of this, never will. However, the tool is useful because you can use them for things; money, rides, etc.
"Let's drive to Chicago from Iowa. Oh man, we need money. Hey, let's ask tool to come, he'll spot us the cash!"

But what really gets me is how these women allow this type of toolish behavior. Sure, I understand they love these men and want to be with them forever(really don't understand that but whatever), but I just find it hard to believe that his show can have any long term impact on a man's behavior.

I don't understand why women are so afraid to be by themselves....they'd rather be with an insecure, sad specimen of male that they keep trying(and failing) to change. We(being women) can't change men, we can only encourage them to grow and hope they will make the positive changes themselves.

However, I'm sure it will be entertaining to watch the buffoonery these guys put their girlfriends through and maybe one of the ladies will realize they can do so much better.

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  1. wow i cant even bring myself to watch that show. those ppl are too stupid for me to handle.