Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why do Americans Think They Can Defend Their Ignorance by CLAIMING (Without Proof) "They are the Best"?

This question was posted on Yahoo questions and I think the one answer posted was so great!

"We use our military as our proof."

How hilarious and so American. I like to think I'm very open to enlightenment, but when it comes to issues of America's superiority, I tend to agree with some probably not very PC things.

I love other cultures, I really do. I hope to spend time learning and living in countries like Mexico, Ireland, Australia, and of course my motherland: Nigeria. Still, I can truly understand America's obsession with itself.

My biggest bias, for sure, is pop culture. Sure, too many Americans have no idea what is going on outside of the U.S. and I am always a little surprised when I learn foreign singers, actors, celebrities, etc had a real career in their own country before they "made it big" in the U.S. However, have you ever watched a non-American movie or a TV show.? The graphics are terrible, it seems they just let anyone in front of the screen, and have me wishing for some good old fashioned American computer generated special effects(although Japanese special effects are pretty amazing). I'm just saying....there is a reason why so many of our shows are imported out.

But that's just a small point; let's not even get into my personal opinions on why most British people should not be on T.V....

I guess my point is that Americans defend their position that they are the best, simply because we are. lol.

But no worries to all you haters.....what goes up, must come down.

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  1. were only the best bc we're a combination of whats best in every other country. at least thats my opinion and explanation of america's excellence