Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Why Michelle Obama's Hair Matters

I recently read this article from Time Magazine entitled "Why Michelle Obama's Hair Matters".

The article explains, for all who don't know, why hair is such an important issue in the black community. It touches on the expectations and politics behind a hairdo , and attempts to explain the significance behind all the media hoopla over Michelle's hair.

One quote I found quite interesting:
"Whenever I start a new job I always wear my hair straight for the first three months until I get health care. Then gradually the curly-do comes out."

The pressure that black women feel regarding hairstyles in the workplace is intense and real. Should it matter what our hair looks like? As long as its "put together", I don't think so. (I wonder if a case can be made against a corporation that, let's say, didn't hire a qualified female who wore her hair natural. Maybe she could go to court and say that she is being discriminated against based on hair texture which is something you're born with). But I digress...

My point is...well you've heard it before....
We keep resigning ourselves to external forces imposing their expectations upon us and we buy into it...we teach it to our youth, we promote it as superior...and I'm absolutely sick of it.

Take back your right to have your hair however you please!! And if that is straighten or pressed, then let it be that way because you honestly want it rather than because society tells you your natural curls are ugly or you won't be able to get a job unless you damage/straighten your hair.

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