Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday Morning...

Sunday mornings always start with church. I love church. It's a good place to worship, to meet wonderful people, and to just be surrounded by loving energy. Today after church as I walking to my car I saw one of the young guys from my church and we stopped to talk.

He asked me how old I was and how come I haven't been coming to the youth services. I replied that I haven't been at the church that long and I'm still learning who's who in the congregation. He was like "give me your information and I'll let me know what's happening so that we can keep in touch". So I gave him a megawatt smile and my info of course cause homeboy is pretty good looking and we talked a bit. I won't lie: I sometimes find it hard to concentrate when he's in front of me during the service cause his body.....well, it's bangin.

After sometime he introduces me to another guy in the church who is also on my list of eligible bachelors I'd holla at(or rather, let holla at me). So then he and I talked for a little while and exchanged numbers and I was really feeling the conversation; giving him my oh so fabulous eye-batting and smile combo. So after that lovely interaction I continued to exit the church.

On my way out, I ran into this guy whose always a little too friendly....we exchanged pleasantries and then he started talking about how he should take me out sometime. "Maybe I could take you out to show you around sometime." I believe were his exact words. "Umm...maybe....." was my reply as I smiled politely while glancing around frantically for someone to help me out of this unnecessary situation. Don't get me wrong the guy is ok(but in his early thirties so a little too old for my taste). I just really dislike when people try to come at me blatantly in the church. I mean, I really couldn't tell you what his name is and we haven't had that many conversations so I'm not really sure where he was trying to take me or if i even wanted to find out.... i don't really feel as though dudes at church should be comin at me the same way dudes on the street do--and the encounter just felt mad sketch like I was on the corner of Main St. and Broadway, Anywhere, USA.

But anyways, the encounters all together had me feeling pretty appreciated. I mean it's pretty hard to deny all this fabulousness....

I finally get to the car where my brothers are waiting for me. "Eww..." my little brother says to me, "what's that on your teeth?" WHAT?! I check the car door mirror only to discover I had lipstick stuck on my front teeth. WOMP.

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