Thursday, July 9, 2009

They Finally Put MJ to Rest

But what crazy things will they accuse him of next?
Am I the only one that thinks now that Michael Jackson is dead we should be allowed to think of him as a great entertainer and not a child molester or addict? I mean, Heath Ledger died of an overdose and I really don't remember this much drama about that particular fact. Everyone remembers him as a freakin awesome joker, or that gay cowboy, or the hottie from 10 Things I Hate About You. Anyway, it was his talent that eventually rose above all the hoopla and drama.

I hope it will be the same with MJ. I'm not on that Al Sharpton status, trying to get MJ a national holiday or anything, but I do believe he was a hero in his own right to music lovers everywhere.

"You can't take black from him just because he has white kids". My favorite line form the guy arguing with Bill O'Reilly. Check out this video of O'Reilly's thought on MJ...what does he honestly expect the family to do? Talk about Mj's acquittal of molestation charges at his funeral?
Check out the video and dejame que tu piensas(tell me what u think).

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