Saturday, July 11, 2009

Keeping up with Culture

Today I went to the airport to pick up some family friends that will be staying with my fam for a few weeks from Nigeria. He's only been here a few hours but already I'm starting to see ways in which I've become even more disconnected from my cultural heritage.

I found that even though I understood everything they were saying, I heard our guests voices as accented, which never used to happen. My mother's voice wasn't an accent, it was just the way we spoke. My aunts and uncles didn't "talk funny" (as my friends would say) they just talked differently to others--but never to me. It was an accent I was used to so it didn't sound foreign or like an accent to me, everyone else was just confused.... But now, probably after spending 4 years in an isolated college environment, my own people's voices sound with accents. Tré sad...

I need to find new ways to reconnect with my people. Perhaps, local events, more wedding receptions, baby showers, or 2 year olds' birthday parties.

I could also def use some new traditional clothing...sigh....maybe I should just go do Nigerian Youth Corp...

I am seriously beginning to comprehend the idea of living in two different worlds. I'm not all Nigerian, but I most definitely can not be that all-American girl either. It's silly to try to choose, but it is impossible to not feel as though each part wants all of you or nothing at all. As I continue to mature into the stunningly fabulous, devastating diva I strive to be, I truly hope (and must find ways to ensure) that both parts of my upbringing and cultural are nourished and treasured.

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