Monday, July 20, 2009

What's Really Good With All These Vampires?

I just finished watching True Blood on HBO and I must say, America's obsession with vampires is oh-so-fascinating to me. With New Moon, the latest installment of the Twilight series coming out in a few months, I have to wonder why we love blood sucking, ashen, night crawling, oh yea, and dead men with robotic personalities.

Is it the fact that these sexy? creatures of night are falling in love with irritating chicks? Maybe women are thinking: if she can find a man to love her and fight off other vampires for her, then I can find a man to, well, at least like me a lot. I guess these women forget the tiny detail that these men are creatures of myth, fallacy, and straight up malarkey.

I mean, I too can appreciate the vampire's appeal: mysterious, dangerous, old(so chivalry probably means something to him), protective, sensuous. But there is nothing sexy about blood. As I was watching True Blood, I couldn't help but wonder, "Isn't all this blood affinity an HIV transmissions risk?"

All I'm saying is the glorification of bloodsucking is not cute. In fact, it's just downright creepy. Our love affair with mythical creatures illustrates how we, as a culture, avoid the monotony of reality(for an hour or two) in order to enter a world where dangerous men can be brought to their knees by the most ordinary of girls; where people can be beautiful and alluring on the outside but evil on the inside(hmm....that one seems a little like reality); and where sharing blood does not lead to infectious diseases, but rather to superhuman strength and intensely disturbing sex scenes.

Of course, one can say vampires are just plain fun. This is true, essentially, these characters are simply alluring escapes, ways for us to vicariously fight off demons and find our oh-so-true love.

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