Saturday, January 9, 2010

Avatar Movie....AMAZING!!!

I must say, I was sooo impressed by James Cameron's Avatar.

The acting, stellar. The visual effects, stunning. The action, gut wrenching. The plot, predictable. But that was OK because everything else seemed to make up for it.

I loved the gorgeous landscape of Pandora, the planet where the 12 feet tall Na'vi people live. The grass lit up with every step a character took and who hasn't heard about the infamous floating mountains?

Avatar is the story of an injured Marine, transformed into a giant blue alien avatar and sent to a distant planet where he is embroiled in a fight between aliens and humans over natural resources.

It is one of the most expensive movies ever made costing $237 million to make and another $150 million to market. Nonetheless, it continues to bring in revenue both stateside and overseas, it's even close enough to have a chance at breaking Titanic's record as the highest grossing movie of all time!

If you know the story of Pocahontas or Dances With The Wolves, it's a pretty predictable movie plot, but that's not really why I went to see it. I heard the visual effects were amazing and the people didn't lie! I was truly amazed. I saw it in 3D and I could have done without the additional $3.50 technology fee AKA the 3D glasses. I feel like it would have been just as breathtaking in regular 2D. To be honest, the 3D gave me a raging headache and I was a little lot creeped out by the interspecies lovemaking....but besides that FABULOUS movie. It had everything I like: action, sci-fi, a moral message, and of course romance.

I would highly recommend this film!! You will be touched by the characters, and if not them, then surely experiencing the gorgeous land of Pandora atop a soaring alien bird, will entice you.

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