Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Umm...Should Work Be This Boring?

Bored at work. Who can't relate. I'm at my internship and they have me organizing pamphlets and vcitim resources for our soon-to-be-created resources library.

They have me doing busy-work. You know, nothing very stimulating, but enough to hopefully distract you for a couple of hours. However, I have fallen asleep twice already!

Luckily, someone brought in homemade cupcakes. Yummm! I grabbed one without even thinking about it and before remebering that I still have 20 pounds to lose, I had taken two bites.


Why can't cupcakes, cookies, and french fries keep you thin, while lima beans, whole grains, and skim milk make you fat?

I ended up only eating half of the cupcake and I threw the other half away.

Back to work...morning nap # 3

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