Friday, January 8, 2010

Top 7 Things I Wish We Could Leave in 2009

I don't know about you, but here are 7 things I'd like to say "dos dedos" to. It's over... Can we just let them rest in peace please?

7. Shaved Heads
You've heard me rant about this before. Too many celebrities trying to rock a look that just was never cute. No girl looks good with half their head shaved...either shave the whole thing off or keep it. But please, not this mess:

Let's leave it in 2009.

6. Facebook Updates
Dang facebook! Can you stop upgrading every 10 minutes?! News Feeds, Status Updates, I Like.... In 2009, this social media site underwent a complete face lift. Not all were fans of the changes and hundreds of Facebook groups emerged expressing their frustration with the changes. With its new look, Facebook has taken on a new personality as well. Be careful what you say there because nowadays everybody from your mother to your boss to you stalker ex-boyfriend can find your photo comments and status updates.

5. Black Celebrity Scandal
Chris "BeatHerDown" Brown. Michael Jackson's death, the charges of manslaughter brought against his doctor, the question of paternity of his children, and his whole screwed up family(why do the Jackson 4 now have a reality show?). Kanye "Yo Taylor, Imma Let You Finish..." West. Tiger Woods, how many whores did you cheat on your wife with?!

Basically, black celebrities need to get their mess together and hold it down in 2010. Hmm..funny they're all men...

4. Teen Vampires

Yuck. I'm so sick of pale white dudes being considered sexy. Edward seems like such a creep and Bella is such a whack female lead. She's boring, dull, average-looking, uninspiring, and quite frankly, she doesn't deserve the vampire or the werewolf.

This whole franchise just needs to come to an end, because all this teen love is so played out.

3. Swine Flu

Please people enough with the swine flu epidemic. Public health officials have instilled enough fear in us about how the H1N1 was an "imminent" global epidemic and how we were all going to catch the swine flu and die without a vaccine. The media just added fuel to the fear-flame with their wildly inconsistent coverage of cases and the severity of the situation.

2. Leotards

Beyonce with her sequined leotard in the "Single Ladies" video seemed to wear that leotard all year long. This revealing trend exploded through the year and somehow, the the leotards seemed to get shorter. Celebrities began wearing them in their videos...and then all of a sudden on the streets! Madonna, Gaga, Ciara, Britney....

However, I knew the moment I saw a pudgy girl in the club with her own pleather version of a studded leotard, that this style had gone too far.

Everyone but ballet dancers need to put away these one pieces. Leotards are NOT pants. They are NOT even a bathing suit and you are NOT on the beach. Stop walking around like it's OK!

1. Job Losses

The U.S. economy really needs to pull it together this year. Enough Americans have lost their jobs, and with an unemployment rate of 10%, it's getting a little ridiculous. The economy has lost 7.2 million jobs since the start of 2008. Losses for 2009 alone came to 4.2 million jobs, the most in one year since the government started tracking payrolls in 1939!!

We need recovery ASAP!

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