Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Melaleuca and Me

Yesterday, my friend invited me to a presentation about a business opportunity that she was "very excited" about. She offered to drive me there and since I wasn't up to much, I said "yes".

What it turned out to be was a recruiting session in which successful members of this business, Meleluca, tried to sell to everyday people, me, a "opportunity" to make money without doing much. It was my first time dealing with these multi-level marketing businesses and I must say, I was a little put off.

My friend who invited me was actually great and didn't try and push me at all; however, the same could not be said about the other recruiters there. At one point, a lady led me to a contract, put a pen in my hand, and held my hand to the paper saying "Go ahead. It just makes sense."

"Umm no. This pushy sales pitch makes no sense at all", I thought.

I absolutely did not sign up to this company, and although I would have liked to purchase a few things just to help my friend out, Melaleuca requires that you make a minimum $60 purchase monthly. And I certainly don't have money to put down on random purchases.

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