Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hottie of the Moment

While trying to find something to watch online yesterday, I stumbled across Grey’s Anatomy. Now I haven’t seen the show since Izzie started having sex with ghosts, so I can’t really say what was going on, but I do know there were some new doctors in town. One being a really sexy new intern(maybe):

I’ve seen him in Beyond the Break and cozying up with Alexis Bledel on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, and I must say: he is making Grey’s Anatomy seem tolerable again. I wonder what his nickname is…McSexy maybe, ooh or McFinenessok ok I don’t know what his name/nickname on the show is, but McDamnYouLookGood almost made me start watching the show again.

But then the screen went to someone whining about their life choices or some doctor-couple who don’t go together(Christina & that soldier/doctor dude) discussing their relationship in the workplace(totally unprofessional)—and I had to change to Parks and Recreation.

Sigh. Jesse Williams really is good looking though.

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  1. hey thats my man! i loved him as the undercover cop on beyond the break... great show, i hope it comes back.